Race Director Solutions (RDS) is the world's first fully integrated registration and event management platform incorporating all tools an event director utilizes and those never thought possible! You get all the features you want. One login. One password. One database. Keeps it simple!

Easily create a professional online registration for each of your Events. With control to customize your registration you'll get all the information you want for a seamless online event management 24/7. If you can dream it RDS can make it happen. Special waivers, custom questions, and multiple pricing levels don't even begin to describe all the power RDS gives to RD's. Is your Event sanctioned by a national governing body like USA Cycling or USA Triathlon? RDS offers the most sophisticated USAC and USAT license validation controls on the market! We make sure your participants get signed up effortlessly and in the correct race, so you don't have to! RDS gives you the tools needed to drive pre-reg the way you want!
Easily send emails, surveys, and newsletters to any of your contacts! Need to let your volunteer staff know about a last minute change? No problem, just filter your email recipient list by Event and Contact Type and you're all set! Send fully customizable Newsletters to your participants with just a couple of clicks. Emails can be scheduled and repeated, so you can rest assured your recipient list will get what they need when they need it, and you won't have to stress over whether you sent it or not!
There's no need to use a 3rd party and pay thousands of dollars every year. Rd's can simply choose a pre-formatted newsletter template or they can easily create their own. All these simple to use newsletter features are built into the RDS platform. Our Newsletter feature combined with our Email module allow you to send out newsletters in a moments notice to a filtered recipient list of your choosing. There's no need to transfer participant emails from one system to another, and pay money for a 3rd party to store your databases.
With RDS Surveys, your participants can tell you exactly what they think about your event. It's very quick, easy, and seamlessly integrates with our Email feature allow you to send out Surveys in a moments notice to a filtered recipient list of your choosing. No need to use a third party solution that limits how many questions you're able to ask as they are built into the RDS platform.
The RDS List feature lets you to create your own contact lists, allowing you to market directly your email contacts based on specific filter criteria including Event, Event Category, Contact Type, Gender, and Age. Combine lists together into one master list, or create custom lists focused on one market you've targeted. Lists are fully integrated with our Email, Newsletter and Survey features.
The Planning module allows race director to easily organize their race into milestones and tasks to see exactly what needs to get done, who is the owner, percent complete and the current status. Simply put it is project management for Race Directors! Includes event specific project plan templates (Triathlons, Cycling, Running, Obstacles) as well as ability to quickly email task owner to obtain a status or set a task or milestone email reminder.
Some events have standard waivers such as USA Triathlon & USA Cycling waivers. This feature gives you the ability to quickly and easily add any other waiver you need to have athletes sign. It also saves the waiver so you can quickly add it next year or for other races. Just select the waiver you want or need for your event and it's quickly added to the event so all athletes will electronically sign it. RDS is the only registration provider to ensure that the waiver acceptance initials match who is registering. So if you need to prove an athlete signed their waiver in court you're protected. National Governing Bodies have specific waivers that your participants must sign. RDS have these pre-loaded for quick selection to ensure you are compliant with your sanctioning requirements.
Label Maker
How much time do you spend building out registration spreadsheets, mail merging those spreadsheets and then compiling race day packets? We feel your pain, which is why we created a label maker feature. This feature allows you to quickly filter and sort your participant list, select the information you want, like Name, Bib Number, Age etc.. and then generate a PDF with each participant's info formatted to print on AVERY 5680 label paper. Insert your label sheets into your printer, click print and you're all set. There's no need to waste time doing downloads and mail merges any more.
RDS allows your company and event to fully customize the public facing pages to create a look that completely encapsulates your brand from start to finish. Public facing pages include Registration, Race Results, Merchandising, Fundraising, Participant Rewards Program, etc...
Bib Assignment
How much time do you spend organising, printing and then assigning Bib Numbers before a race? With RDS's one of a kind Bib assignment tool, you'll save countless hours NOT having to manually hassle with organising your pre-registered participants. Simply filter your participant list by Event Category, sort them however you wish (last name, first name etc...) and then enter your starting Bib number. We take care of the rest. Have a late registration, no problem - you can reassign Bib numbers at any time!
Participant Reward Program
RDS is pleased to announce a first of it's kind Participant Rewards Program. You now have a hands free method of rewarding your loyal participants by offering points for each Event they participate in. After they've accrued a certain number of points, dictated by you, they can cash them in for rewards like discounted or even free Events (again, all dictated by you)! Quickly setup an unlimited number of programs which you can restrict to just certain Events, assign the number of points a participant will earn for registering for those Events, and then setup a Redeemable Reward which can also be restricted by Event! This feature will keep your participants coming back to your Events year after year! They can watch in real time as their points accrue throughout the season, and see what rewards are available for them to cash in on!
RDS Calendars allow you to organize your day, week, month, year so you can see what tasks you have to get done and when your events are.
With one click duplicate an event and all of its parameters including categories, dates, pricing and details. This feature will save you time so you can focus on the important stuff, like marketing your events and managing your volunteers! Once you have cloned an Event, simply modify any field which may be different, like Event Name and Location!
Use the RDS Contacts feature to store your contact information specific to an event for your participants, race crew, volunteers, vendors, sponsors, etc. Our Contact feature combined with our Email module allows you to communicate to your contacts in a moments notice to a filtered reciepent list of your choosing.You can set up as many contact types as you wish. Easily send emails, surveys, and newsletters to any of your contacts!
Create an unlimited number of unique discount codes! You can set a limit, start and expiration date, and even create discounts specific to certain Events and Categories within those Events! Each discount code can be fine tuned to be a fixed amount (either USD or Percentage), a Comp Code or Gift Code. And because the RDS registration platform is load balanced, you never have to worry about participant registration exceeding the limit you set for each code! At any time, you can easily view, sort and filter through discounts which have been redeemed by your participants.
Event Management
RDS offers the most comprehensive event building platform on the market! Our simple, easy to use event creation wizard walks you through setting up your event, detailing registration dates, event time frames, payment methods, and most importantly your registration portal. You control every aspect of the registration process for your participants. Setup an unlimited number of categories for each event, and provide pricing metrics such as early registration versus late registration for each category.
Track all of your Event expenses in one place! Import previous expenses with just a couple clicks of your mouse, define your own expense categories and track reimbursements!
License Validation
Robust yet simple USA Cycling and USA Triathlon license validation. We take the hassle of validating your participant's eligibility out of the equation by giving you the tools necessary to limit registration for categories based on Gender, Age, and Rankings. RDS has access to the latest USAC and USAT license databases to provide unparalleled license validation. Gone are the days of scrambling to get participants setup in the right category on race day!
Quickly process refunds in the amount you'd like to refund. Refunds will simply go back to the athletes credit card and you'll see the amount deducted from your next funds transfer statement. You won't have to manually write out checks when you want to process a refund.
Quickly set up a charity of your choice and start raising money for a great cause. RDS is setup to process and track multiple campaigns and report on your fundraising goals. You can process donations through the RDS Registration Wizard or through the publically accessible fundraising page.
Manage volunteers and assign them to stations and activities. Send them notifications, and have them sign your volunteer waivers online, saving you time on race day.
Everything you need to start selling your event merchandise online. RDS handles all the hassles of online retail. Display and sell your event-related items in our integrated online store. You can have a store for each of your events or create one store accessible via your website. You can sell products through the RDS Registration Wizard or through the publically accessible store on your Event page. You're not limited to only selling merchandise during the registration process as people can purchase from your store at any time you'd like.
Team/Relay Registration
This feature gives you the ability to setup relay teams or any other type of teams for your event. RDS also ensures each team member signs their own waiver and charges them accordingly. Gone are the days of one relay team member paying for everyone and then trying to collect money. This also saves RD's from tracking down relay members to ensure they signed their participant waivers.
Lightning Registration
The RDS platform is load balanced and scalable. We can handle thousands of concurrent registrations simultaneously "striking" at once and ensure that registration limits are enforced. The RDS registration process is intuitive, and fast, so your participants can rest assured their spot is locked in!
T-Shirt Counter
T-Shirt Counter generates a popup that shows a breakdown of ordered T-Shirts by type (Cotton or Technical) and by gender/size.
Race Results
Generating a dynamic results page has never been easier! Import your results database as an excel spreadsheet and done! The RDS Public Results page is sortable and searchable so your participants can see how they stack up based on Category, Age and Gender.
Keep your sponsors organized and informed with our easy to use Sponsor management feature. Easily create and manage sponsors. Track if your sponsors are exclusive to a specific product type, are they committed, what is the commitment value, have you received what they have committed to. Control sponsor logo order in our dynamic scrolling logo feature. Our Sponsor feature combines with our Contact Management module to allow you to send emails to a Sponsor in a moments notice.
Participant List
Want to provide a publicly accessible list of participants on your Event page or in the RDS Registration Wizard? No problem! We provide sophisticated tools to control when and how the list is shown. Only want to display the list after a certain number of participants have registered, or just want to show a counter? It's as easy as clicking a check box and entering a number! The RDS participant list is sortable and searchable!
Data Importing & Exporting
Provides ability for Race Directors to import data into RDS including Participants, Results, Tasks, Expenses, Contacts, Volunteers, Sponsors etc.. You can even import past years data so you have everything stored in one place and can see how your events are trending from years past. Does it annoy you when you can't download your own data? Us too, which is why all of your data stored in the RDS platform is exportable as an Excel spreadsheet or PDF file! No hassles, no contracts, no worries!
You have a lot on your plate. Create user accounts for your staff and setup permissions to limit their accessibility to your important data! Want your volunteers to have access to task lists and calendars but no be able to edit Events? Every feature and section of the RDS platform is controllable through our state-of-the-art permissions tool. Set each section to Off, Read, or Edit for each user, and rest assured your data is secure.
Print Waivers
How much time do you spend printing waivers and entering participant data? Do you spend extra money sending these out to a 3rd party printer? The RDS platform handles this for you. Filter your participant list by any field, and then simply select the waivers you would like to print. Each waiver will be pre-poplulated with relevant participant information like Name, Age, Bib #, and more.
Registrant Verifications
RDS verifies that each registrant is signed up for the proper category eliminating errors and saving RD's time getting the database set for the timer. RDS won't allow a male to sign up for a female category, or a 20 year old to sign up for a 30+ age category. These verifications are easily input when you setup your registration categories and are fully customizable.
Reporting & Analytics
Real time reporting for the information you want, the way you want it. Get your Financial Info, Transaction Summary, Event Registration Info, Merchandise, Fundraising, T-Shirts and any other report you need to work effectively. RDS Analytics has the info you need to easily view your all of your events.
Security & Encryption
Your data is protected using a 256-bit encrypted secure socket layer (SSL). Our servers reside in a SAS 70 Type II-compliant datacenter.
RDS is built on the latest, state-of-the-art technologies. As an integrated platform, with tremendous potential for growth, it is of paramount importance that our software can scale to meet demand. Which is why we choose to develop RDS using Microsoft’s ASP.NET v.4.5 framework and the model-view-controller (MVC v.4) coding paradigm. Providing RDS as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a no brainer when using ASP.NET due to the inherent extensibility of that framework. Using C# as our native server language, we can leverage the massive code-base built into the ASP.NET framework, which significantly reduces development time, maintenace, and provides enterprise level security. RDS data logic is handled by SQL Server and Microsoft’s Entity Framework. The View, or client side presentation is written in HTML5, which provides unprecedented control over site layout, design and cross browser/device compatibility. RDS relies heavily on native Javascript and the jQuery javascript library, allowing us to develop highly intuitive and user friendly client interfaces. RDS is hosted in a managed, dedicated virtual server in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud.
RDS once again incorporates the powerful texting tool into one easy to use platform eliminating the need to pay 3rd party fees and spend extra time when you don't have any to spare. The RDS Texting feature allows you to quickly and easily select the participants you want to noitify and send them the information to their cell phones by text. Do you have an Emergency Event Update the night before to send or the morning of a race? Now you can notify everyone minutes after you've made decisions. COMING SOON!
Time Trial Slot Picker
RDS provides the ability for Race Directors to setup time trial slots specific to one, or many categories within an Event. The athletes get to pick their start time when registering according to the parameters you set.
Wave Assigner
Do you need/want to assign starting waves for your race? RDS gives you the power to customize how you set them up for your event quickly and easily so that your participants get assigned into the correct waves. COMING SOON!
Social Marketing
RDS can help you manage and maintain your social media presence across all platforms. With RDS your athletes can incorporate Social Media into their experience, promoting your event to their social networks each step of the way - from first learning about the event through race day. A participant can easily share their registration, results, volunteer signup, participant list, and event landing webpages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Vimeo.