Save time using a totally integrated platform.
Save money by not using other 3rd party services.
Eliminate registration errors with the most robust registration validation on the planet.
Sell merchandise your way not the registration companies way.
Eliminate the time wasting hassles of downloading and importing databases to send emails, newsletters, surveys, and texts.
RDS gets you organized and ensures your tasks are completed quickly and accurately with customized tools like the Bib Assignment, Label Maker, T-Shirt Counter and Print Waivers.
RDS gets you the information you want, how you want it! Completely customize your financial, participant, and other analytical reports so you can have the info you need in the format you want.
RDS can handle any type of race registration as well as multiple package entries for your events with second race discount features.
Participant Reward Program! RDS gives you the power to incentivize athletes so they keep coming back to your races. The RDS PRP is the only award program on the market!
RDS starts where the other guys ended up. We take the standard features, make them easy to use, and then supercharge it with the functionality that Race Directors use and need everyday!