2017 - Kayaking







Golden Games Adventure! Come on over and join us for what is sure to be an epic afternoon of outstanding fun! 

Shaboomee Sunset SUP Race For the hardcore who really want to challenge themselve grap your SUP and see how fast you can charge our 3 mile course! If you are a recreational racer or you just want to come play join us for the Shaboomee SAME SUP Challenge™ where we level the playing field and everyone races on the same sup! For the  SAME SUP Challenge™ all your gear is provided!  Register now.   

SUP-N-JOUST™ Tournament - This will be the first ever Golden Games SUP-N-JOUST™ Tournament. Two competitors on one SUP will use the specially designed inflatable SUP-N-JOUST™ Bo Sstaff that an be held or attached to your paddle. The mission, should you choose to accept, is to try to dethrone the challenger and capture the SUP Kingdom. This is going to be so much fun!! 

PADDLE-O-WAR™ Tournament - Join us for the premier of the PADDLE-O-WAR™ Tournament here at this years Golden Games! The battles will take place on the SUP-O-WAR™!!  In this event two or more competitors will test the strength of their paddling ability and their balance on on supersized SUP! Come join us for what is sure to be a wildly unique and playful adventure !!!  

SUP Yoga - Mary Sundblom will be leading you on an amazing SUP Yoga Class on the Nelumbo SUP Pod Floating Studio! It will be an easy Vinyassa flow so anyone can join in. You might get we so, just in case, bring some clothes to change into after class. You will LOVE the shavasana on water ... it is magical!! 

Beginner SUP Clinic - Are you new to Stand Up Paddle Boarding? Do you just want to fine tune some basic skills? This half hour clinic will teach you some of the rundamental to get you on the water safely. One of our seasoned instructors will guide you through equipment, safety, stance, paddling strokes and how to care for your gear. This clinic will be held on land. SUP Demos are available to test out your skills after the class.

SUP and Kayak Demos - Thinking about buying a SUP or Kayak? How about just trying the gear out to see how you like it? Come on by and check out our gear demos and have some fun!!



What's the Screamin' 1/4 mile race?  For a competitor it's a "who comes in first" Class IV Whitewater Race set on Clear Creek, just above Tunnel 1.   A burly competition where the winner is determined with best overall time after 2 runs.  As a spectator it's a thrillin' view into Whitewater Athletes giving it their all down a fast paced road side stretch of Clear Creek.  Bring a chair and come watch all this big event go down.  Planning to compete, go here to register.

Downriver SUP Sprint - An epic SUP Sprint down Clear Creek whitwater! This will be an individual, head to head, timed event. It is so fun to power through the pour overs as you race to the finish. 

SUP Surf Competition- This SUP Surf Freestyle Competition is so much fun to participate in and just as fun to watch. You are so close you feel like you are there. Don't be intimidated by surfing a river wave. It is so much fun and a really playful event. This is a spectator favorite!!

Downriver SUP Cross - This event is intense, an amazing challenge and really fun to watch but even more fun to complete in! 4 paddlers per heat, navigate drops and must at the same time navigate gates. Sure we all want to win but just to push yourself to try to make the gates is so much fun! Just say ... Yes To Adventure!



What's happening for the fly fishing competition this year? This is a 2 part competition with both Professional and Amateur divisions. The first portion is the casting competition/qualifier.  Participants will cast and be awarded points in 1) static target course, 2) total distance competition, 3) timed water-target course.  The highest scoring six casters from each divsion will move on to the Clear Creek Canyon fishing portion.  

Adjustments and changes are made to the casting qualifier each year to keep it as challenging and entertaining as possible.  Anglers will have a pre-set amount of time to fish their beats, and beats are chosen by each finalist in order of their casting score.  All scores will reset to 0, points will be awarded by total inches, and may the best angler win. 

What's at stake?  Winners can take home - Annual pass to Rocky Mountain Angling Club - voted best in the US, Bar ZX Ranch - 2 rod fees included and professional guides - voted best still water fishery in N. America by Fly Fishing Magazine ... and more!





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