2017 - Kayaking



Established in 2011, The Golden Games was created to celebrate the beginning of the warm Colorado summer.  The three day weekend highlights the outdoor lifestyle and recreation many of us cherish.  The Golden Games is geared to be enjoyable for all: families, spectators, athletes and our furry K9 friends.

The three day weekend hosts a variety of sporting events, live music, free demos, free clinics, gear swaps and more.  Sports to be highlighted are KayakingStand Up PaddleSlack LiningRiver Surfing and many more. The event is supported by the core retailers in the region, local and regional athletes and a large number of businesses in the outdoor industry.

Two new exciting SUP events added this year are the PADDLE-O-WAR™ Tournament and the SUP-N-JOUST™ Tournament where you can get your Gladiator GAME ON! Another new event is the Shaboomee SAME SUP Challenge™ where we level the playing field and everyone races on the same sup! For the recreational SAME SUP Challenge™ all your gear is provided so all you have to do is say Yes To Adventure! 

From a newbie to a seasoned pro The Golden Games has the schedule to educate, inspire and keep you moving. We’d love to see you out May 19- 21, 2017.

Come be a part of it all 


Race Director - Kayaking: Hojo

Race Director - Demos/Volunteers: Troy Harcourt

Race Director - Fly Fishing: Vinny

Race Director - SUP: Shaine


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