24 Hours of Rocky Hill Mountain Bike Race



Short Course Description: 
A 10+- mile loop, 80% single track and 20% jeep road with several creek crossings. The single track winds through oak and pine groves combining quick down hills and technical sections. The course is marked with arrows for day riding, reflective tape for night riding.

Long Course Description:
From the start, RHR will let you know just how good of a climber you are (or aren’t) thanks to the multiple steep climbs of ‘Fat Chuck’s Demise’. If you don’t make it, don’t feel bad – just lay down next to Chuck’s headstone and admit defeat. We start at the saloon with a short La Mans running start, then head up from the Trailhead to 'Fat Chuck's Demise'. There is a workday scheduled to fix the ruts and flood damage on Grey's Way & Ike's Peek. If the ruts can't be fixed, we will go up the fenceline instead, but the plan is to take Grey's Way, Ike's Peek, Mini-Me, the Bridge, & Super Secret Switch Back to the top. Next comes a fast winding trail called ‘Karaway’ that leads to ‘Off the Lip’, a parade of whoop-dee-doo’s that wind in and out of a dry creek bed. 'Off the Lip’ will put a huge smile on your face. This year we will include Frontal Lobotomy. After that, you hit the service road for a very short stretch until you reach the utility easement where you will make a left and skip Longhorn Loop. The utility easement still has some climbing, but will offer a short bit of relief from the single track before heading back in to the woods at the start of 'Miracle Mile', which will eventually push you up an 'easier' bypass climb to the start of 'Leapin' Lizards'. This trail has a fast fun downhill, followed by some flowy smoother single track winding you back to 'Miracle Mile' and continuing on. Towards the end is ‘Black Trac’, described as the grand finale of RHR, and rightfully so. Imagine the best of RHR all at once. Right before you think it’s all over you come to 'The Grind' (the erosion alongside this bridge will be fixed with a bridge extension, and water bar at the top and back filling the dirt), followed by ‘The Wall’ – think whoop-dee-doos on crack. The Wall is in the best shape it has been in a long time. A short run on 'Fofenique' then finishing on 'Grey's Hiway' to the start/finish loop around the pond in front of the saloon.