24 Hours of Rocky Hill Mountain Bike Race


Pre-Race Info

Welcome to the 2016 "24 Hours of Rocky Hill", this Saturday, October 15th, presented by Pickle Juice Sport!

We are blessed with a beautiful weather forecast. However, should things change, this is a rain or shine event.

RACE SCHEDULE for this weekend:

Thursday, Midnight: Online registration closes. Onsite Registration available Fri/Sat.
Friday, 4:00pm – 6:30 pm: Racer packet pickup & onsite registration at ranch
Saturday, 9:00 – 11:00 am: Packet Pickup and onsite registration at ranch. Front gate closes and cars may only enter through side gate after this time. If you have an RV with a reserved electric hookup, arriving Friday is recommended. It is very hard to park/maneuver once all the racers arrive and set up tents.
Saturday, 11:30am: Pre-race Meeting
Saturday, 12:00 pm: 24-Hour Race Start
Sunday, 12:00 am: 12-Hour Race Start (please pickup packets during above hours unless you make special arrangements)
Sunday, 6:00 am: 6-Hour Race Start (please pickup packets during above hours unless you make special arrangements)
Sunday, 12:00 pm: All races finish
Sunday, 12:30 pm: Awards

Directions: Click here

Lighting: Trail LED will be on hand for lighting sales, rentals, and charging stations. There is no excuse not to have great light on the trail at night. See Grady at Trail LED and they will get you fixed up. Just a reminder that you can reserve your Trail LED rental lights online now (while supplies last) by clicking here: Reserve Lights

Aid Stations: The course is approximately 10 miles. There will be no aid stations on course. We will have neutral water and Pickle Juice at the start/finish line (team relay exchange) as well as Gatorade.

Bike Rodeo & Movies for kids and adults with kid personalities: We will have some races during the afternoon on Saturday including the slow race and huffy toss. We will have a short kid’s race as well. There is no set schedule yet, but we will post up times at the saloon once the race gets rolling. We also have movies on the big screen at night.

Podium finishers in each category will receive ReGeared custom awards (made from recycled bike parts and wood). We are going three deep in all categories with at least that many teams based on pre-reg 1 week out.

Food: Racers will receive a ticket in their goodie bag for either a Sausage on a stick or chips and a drink from AllsWell Catering food trailer. Our racers love their food! Their food menu includes, but is not limited to: Fresh Fruit/Yogurts/Granola Bars, Breakfast Tacos, Chopped Romaine Salad, Philly Cheese Steak Subs, Patti Melts, Gourmet Grill Cheese, Gourmet Grilled Panini Sandwiches, Sliders & Fries, Chicken Fajita Taco's, Fried Pickles, Cheese, Dragon Bites

***If you are interested in food for Friday night at ranch, please text us ASAP. We need about 100 racers in order for them to fire up the grill.

Gate Fee: $10 per person, per day, gate fee. If you arrive Saturday and are racing solo and not putting up a tent, you only pay $10 for a 24-hour period. However, if you arrive Friday to camp, you will have to pay 2 days of camping, and Friday gate fee (unless it is after dark). The gate fee is for the 24-hour time period of the race only (Saturday to Sunday). If you have an RV or are tent camping, that is below.

Camping Questions or Reservations: Call Pam Hill at the ranch: 361-205-7039 or greylhill@aol.com

Tent camping is first come first serve at $15 per tent, and RV camping is $30 per night. All the electric hookups have been sold out for a while, but you may also run on a generator. If you are an RV running on a generator with no hookups, it will be the same price as a tent ($15).

Trail work: Kuddos to Red Dog at Rocky Hill Ranch for his hard work on getting the Grind reworked for us. Hope you enjoy! Thanks to the volunteers that also helped us put in over 50 hours of trail work getting the course ready. We appreciate you!

Parking: Please do not park inside the course tape (where the RV parking is) unless you plan on staying for the duration of event. There is plenty of parking outside of the course tape.

Timing: If you registered by Sept 26th, you will have a custom number plate with name and team name printed on it. All plates will have 2 RFID chips attached (NOTE: Do NOT bend or fold your number plate). The computer will automatically stop your lap time each time you cross the finish line. The computer will know when you cross the line and it picks up your RFID chip (no number plate, no time). The relay exchanges will take place about 50 feet past the finish line where you will tag your teammate, exchange the wrist baton, and begin the next lap. Your teammate's lap time starts when you cross the finish line, so any lag in transition is included in the racer on deck's time. We will also have marshals on-course to record bib numbers throughout the race.

Please do not cross through the caution tape and enter the timing tent at any time during the race. The timer only has raw data and cannot answer specific questions about your place or rank. If you have an issue, please see one of the race directors listed below. You can follow the race live during the race on your own smart device at my.raceresult.com (just search for 24 Hours of Rocky Hill in the search field). The results and laps will be streaming live. DIRECT LINK for RACE DAY

Rules: And lastly, for your night time reading pleasure...RULES

We look forward to seeing you this weekend. Any questions, feel free to call or email.

Kathy Duryea, Race Director 214.244.1263
Johnan Ratliff, Race Director 214.675.7120

And many thanks to our kind sponsors that make our events bigger and better all the time!