24 Hours of Rocky Hill Mountain Bike Race



  1. Each team will designate a team captain and co-captain.  Team captains will represent the team in all official correspondence and communications before, during and after the event.  The co-captain can represent the team during the event when the captain is unavailable.  Only team captains and co-captains can file protests. 

  2. The team captain and/or co-captain must attend the pre-race meeting, however, everyone is welcome.

  3. Once in the Start/Finish or the team’s pit area, racers may change, repair or replace any equipment or bike. In the Start/Finish or the team’s pit area, racers may accept support from anyone.  Also, teams may bring as many support people as they would like, but their support is limited to the Start/Finish area and the team’s own pit area (not on the course).  If you are racing in the single speed category, you may only use single speed equipment throughout the race. Switching to a geared bike will DQ you from this category.

  4. Support on the course may only be supplied by other registered racers.  Supporting racers must access the course under their own power (i.e. foot travel or on bike) and that access can only be achieved by going in the correct direction of the course.  Shortcutting the course is not allowed (except to cancel your lap).  Supporting racers should stay clear of all competing racers.  Supporting racers may take any equipment or tools with them; they may even swap bikes with their teammates.  Cannibalizing bicycle parts is legal in this event.  Support can be provided by any registered racer on any team to any registered racer on any team. 

  5. Water and food may be supplied to any racer by anyone, anywhere on the course.  However, racers must stay well clear of the course when taking food or water.  An official watering station will be located near the Start/Finish.  Please do not litter.  And please do not throw energy food wrappers on the ground.  Remember:  Leave No Trace.  Thanks

  6. We ask that only officially registered racers ride on the designated race course during the event.

  7. Racers must display their race number on the bike handlebars, whenever on-course.  Your number has RFID chip on the back which will be read when you cross the timing mat. Failure to display your number plate will result in no time for a lap, and you will be asked to leave the course if caught without a number. Only registered racers should be on course. Course is closed to non-participants, or team riders not on their current lap.

  8. Racers can draft but they may only draft registered racers.  Drafting other vehicles or a non-registered rider is grounds for disqualification.

  9. Racers riding bicycles have the right of way over racers pushing bicycles.  When practical, racers pushing or carrying their bikes should stay on the least ridable portion of the trail when being passed.  Racers pushing or carrying their bikes can overtake a racer riding his bike provided that the riding racer is not interfered with.

  10. Lapped racers should yield to leaders.  Leaders should be very vocal when preparing to pass any racer.  “PASSING ON YOUR LEFT (Or Right, whichever is applicable)!” should be called out.  It is the responsibility of the challenging racer to overtake safely.  Racers being lapped should yield on the first command as soon as possible.

  11. When two racers are vying for position, the leading racer does not necessarily have to yield position to the challenging racer.  However, a racer may not bodily interfere, intending to impede another racer’s progress:  this is considered to be highly unsportsmanlike behavior (see rule #13).

  12. Short-cutting the course by any logged-in racer shall result in a disqualification of that racer’s team.

  13. Foul riding, use of profane or abusive language and other unsportsmanlike behavior will be taken very seriously.  Such behavior by any racer shall subject that racer’s team to a warning or immediate disqualification.  This will be strictly applied when such behavior is directed at course officials, volunteers, or spectators.  The penalty imposed is at the discretion of the race director or co-director, should the race director be unavailable. 

  14. Protests can only be made by team captains or co-captains.  Protests will be made in writing and delivered to the race director any time during the race or after the end of the race up to the time awards are announced.  Protests should contain any information that supports the protest, including description of the incident, witnesses, names, addressed, phone numbers, and signature of protesting team captain.  A $50 fee shall be submitted, in cash, with the protest.  The race director, after his own discovery, will promptly rule on the protest.  The fee will be forfeited to the race director if the protest is denied or refunded if the protest is upheld. 

  15. The race director may change the rules, and has the final say in any ruling. 
  16. Quiet hours will be imposed from 11PM until 5AM.  During this time we ask that noise be kept to a minimum for those wanting to sleep. 

  17. Lighting requirements: During the night ride, racers must have a primary light source with a minimum rated power of 10 watts.  In addition, each racer must carry a secondary or backup light source in the form of a penlight, flashlight or other lighting system.  Battery rechargers may be plugged in at the neutral charging station.  Be sure to label your batteries and chargers with your team’s name. 
    Racers entering the course after 5 PM Saturday must show that both their primary and secondary light sources are in good working order.  After sunset, racers are required to ride with lights burning.  Riding with lights out to save batteries is dangerous and against the rules. 

  18. Canceling a Racer’s Lap.  This is a difficult and costly decision, but if an on course racer is unable to complete their lap for any reason, it may be to the team’s advantage to cancel that racer’s lap.  Any team member can cancel a racer’s lap by notifying the timing official. The new racer inherits the log-in time of the canceled racer’s lap and must start from the relay exchange area after telling the timing offical. (Do Not Take your BIKE near the timing official, please walk up)  Once a cancellation has been made it cannot be rescinded. 
  19. A Racer may only race for one Team.

  20. The team member finishing a lap must drop his bike at the bike drop zone, then tag his teammate or use the relay exchange bracelet, if provided. Teammate will then start the next lap. The clock continues to run and even though the computer is recording the start and stop of each lap, your time in transition also adds to your overall time. If a racer is not on deck ready to tag his teammate, the clock is still rolling.
    *In other words, the clock is ticking the entire time.  A racer may ride consecutive laps. Solo riders just continue on across the timing lap for each lap ridden.

  21. Minimum Lap Requirements
    a) Solo – 1 lap
    b) 2 Person – each person must complete at least 1 lap. 
    c) 3-4 Person – each person must complete at least 1 lap.
    d) Grande – each person must complete at least 1 lap.

  22. The Finish
    The race ends at noon Sunday
    Racers must complete the lap they are on by noon to count. You should be able to estimate how fast you have been riding and choose wisely before attempting the final lap. It would be a bummer to finish at 12:00.01 and not have your lap counted. Each team’s final placing will be determined by the number of laps the team has completed and the sequential order of finish within the team’s last lap. For example, a team that has completed 22 laps with a finish time of 11:31PM would beat a team that completed 22 laps, with a finish time of 11:47PM and, of course, a team that completed 23 laps, with a finish time of 10:30AM, would beat them both. 

  23. You must wear a helmet at all times when on bike whether racing or not.  (Butt on bike, helmet on head!). Riders not following these rules will be Disqualified.

  24. Earbuds – Solo riders may use an earbud in 1 ear only so you can hear other riders. Team riders should not wear earbuds. Please do not play through the external speaker.
  25. Category Rule for Solo Riders: If you have held a USA Cycling License in any of the last 3 racing seasons (including the current season), you must race in the category on your license. If you have NOT held a license in the last 3 seasons (including the current season), you should race in the category (Cat 1,2,or 3) that you would choose to race if you were to compete in any sanctioned mountain bike race on that day. Cat 1 riders must compete in Solo Open, and Cat 2 or 3 riders can pick Solo open or Solo Sport. All female riders will compete in Solo Open Female. There is no Solo Sport Female category.