Get Your Glow On - Full Moon Yoga benefiting CYAR - 2017


Click the above link to help reach our goal of $20,000. 

Our Mission

Colorado Youth at Risk empowers teenage students to make life choices that positively impact their future through community-based mentoring and intensive training. Colorado Youth at Risk aims to reduce the number of high school dropouts, match students with an adult mentor and provide students with a sense of the future and their place in that future.

Our Vision

We deliver bold, dynamic programs throughout Colorado, which produce extraordinary results and inspire life-long growth for young people and those around them. We provide a life changing volunteer experience that people clamor to be a part of. Our volunteers are inspired and empowered to be leaders. We thrive upon abundant, broad-based, long-term funding. We are entrepreneurs. We are leaders who are self expressed, diverse and committed to a future of possibility. We create miracles.


Denver Enterprise Zone

One-time donations of $250 or more are approved for the Denver Enterprise Zone for a 25% Tax Credit on your Colorado State taxes. For example: If an individual donates $1,000 to CYAR, the tax credit would be $250 and the donor would take that as a credit directly off of the bottom line owed to the State. Please check with a tax professional for specific tax information.

In Kind Donations

Companies and individuals can make valuable contributions to the organization by donating food, supplies, and transportation for special events; providing opportunities for youth to attend sporting and cultural events in the Denver Metro area (tickets, yes, we want your tickets!) and even by donating your used automobile!

To learn more about Colorado Youth at Risk (CYAR) - click here.


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