Gator Bait Adventure Race 2017




Race Date: June 17th, 2017 8:00am

Location: Huntsville State Park, 565 Park Road 40 West, Huntsville TX 77340

Event: This is an adventure race and includes approximately 3 miles of trail running, 7 miles of mountain bike, 20-30 minute paddle in inflatable kayaks that we provide & a mystery event or two. Lose yourself among the majestic trees and natural beauty of the East Texas Pineywoods. The heavily-wooded park adjoins the Sam Houston National Forest and encloses the 210-acre Lake Raven. The race is designed to take 1.5 - 2.5 hours on average. This is a 2-person team race (not a relay) where both racers must stay together the entire time. You may also do this race solo.



-Individuals (per person pricing):
     -$85 until 11:59pm (CST) May 24th (Guarantees t-shirt) Father/Child Category is 50% off
     -$95 until 11:59pm (CST) June 14th (Online Registration Closes) Father/Child Category is 50% off
     -$105 until 6:30am - 7:30am (CST) June 17th (Race Day On-site) Father/Child Category is 50% off

*There is a $5 per person state park entry fee (free if you have a state park pass or kids 12 and under). Please be prepared to help line at front gate move faster.

Kids' Races:
-for children 10 & under - Free (This race starts at the conclusion of the regular adventure race and typically lasts 2-3 minutes. Parents of small children can carry their child or run alongside of them. Most of the race is on foot and the children will usually get to do some form of a fun mystery event as we run them through the start/finish and transition area. All kids receive a medal and stickers at the finish line.)

*Registration includes: A fun, well organized event, t-shirt if registered by May 24th, finisher medal and racer raffle.
*Right to Cancel or Reschedule: Terra Firma Racing LLC reserves the right in the event of inclement weather, emergency, or natural disaster to cancel the race or move to a later time that day or alternate date within the year (if available). In the event of a CANCELLATION with no ability to reschedule, there will be NO REFUND OF ENTRY FEES.  Each athlete must accept any such risk for their entry paid.



This is an adventure race, which by nature, is an adventure. The following activities are included in the race, but are listed here in random order. Be flexible on race day, as the order is something we tell you just before the start. A mystery event can be placed anywhere in the race. You will know you have encountered one when you get to it and a volunteer will give you further instructions to complete the task before moving on.

PADDLE: 20-30 minutes
-The paddle is in an inflatable 2-person kayak (if you are racing solo you will paddle it alone). We provide the Inflatable kayak (Sevylor K-79), paddles and life jackets, so you don't have to worry about additional rental fees or competitors with expensive carbon or fiberglass boats. You must use our boats, paddles and life jackets.

BIKE – 7+ mile loop trail. (Mountain Bikes ONLY. No Cyclocross bikes allowed)
-Bike will be a 1 lap of the Chinquapin Trail (subject to reroutes when construction is active). This trail encircles the entire Lake Raven within the state park. You will travel over marshes teeming with wildlife, and wind your way through single track trails in the pine trees. The course can be sandy and rooted at times. And yes, there are gators in the park. Stay on your bike and not in the marsh and you will be fine.

-Course will be marked with BLUE arrows and tape to help you stay on path.
-NO Aid Stations on the bike. This is an adventure race and you must be self-sufficient. Please carry a hydration pack or water bottle for this leg of the race.

RUN – Approx 3 Miles
-This course will take you on the Dogwood Loop Trail as well as Prairie Branch Loop Trail. You will run through dogwood trees and into the mixed pine and hardwood forest, before running along the shore of Lake Raven, two completely different habitats.
-Course will be marked by RED arrows and tape to help you stay on path.
-NO Aid stations on course. This is an adventure race and you must be self-sufficient. Most racers carry a small hydration or hand held water bottle for this leg of the race.


-A mystery event is a fun event that can involve a physical or mental challenge within the race. Examples of past mystery events include: 1) In the middle of the bike leg of the race, stop, blow up a balloon, tie a knot, and then using only your teammate but no hands, pop the balloon without sitting on it 2) Using a park map, find a location on the map that we have circled and go there and bring back an item we have placed in a bucket 3)Tie one teammate’s shoe lace to the other teammate’s wrist. Travel about 20 yards around a cone and back to where you started. 4) Blindfold 1 teammate and place a puzzle of about 10 pieces in front of him. The other teammate may only verbally tell the blindfolded teammate where to put place the pieces to build the puzzle. 5)Place an oreo cookie (or gluten free food if needed) on your forehead, without using your hands, make it move from your forehead to your mouth and take a bite.

*Solo racers are given similar mystery events, with slight variations to allow them to do it solo.

-IF you DNF from the RACE for any reason, PLEASE go directly to the RACE DIRECTOR or TIMING COMPANY!



We build a transition area for you to place your bike and any other gear (spare shoes, coolers, chairs) you are not using during the race. You will place everything you are not using for the first event into transition before the start of the race. You will enter transition on one end and exit the other after each leg of the race. We do not use triathlon racks for the bikes. Instead, you will lay your bikes on the ground (neatly) in your area. You are welcome to bring your own bike stand if you don’t want your bike on the ground. Please try to keep your personal space to a minimum to make room for all.


-Follow the signs to race start/finish when you come in the front gate of the park. The start/finish will be located at Screened Shelter #1 in the utility easement just to the side. Please do not speed in the state park. Arrive early and allow yourself plenty of time to check in at packet pickup and set up your bike in transition area. It is very typical to see the state police at the park during race hours and you will get a ticket if you are caught speeding.

-Note:  Huntsville State Park is open to the public and will NOT be closed just for this event so please be courteous of your fellow outdoor enthusiasts.



June 16th (Fri)
- Course open for pre-ride and run - Tentatively marked by 4:00pm

June 17 (Sat) RACE DAY
-Guard Gate Opens 6:00am

-Packet Pickup - 6:30am - 7:30am – Huntsville State Park, follow signs after entering at guard gate (Race Site) 565 Park Road 40 West, Huntsville TX 77340
-Pre-race brief - 7:45am (Race Start – Utility Easement next to Screened Shelter #1)
-Race starts - 8:00am
-Kid’s Race – 10:45am
-Race awards – 11:00am (tentatively)




Huntsville State Park
565 Park Road 40 West
Huntsville TX 77340

Huntsville State Park

Enter at Park Headquarters ($5 per person unless you have a state park pass).

Follow the race signs straight ahead. The start/finish transition area is at Screened Shelter #1 (starting up the utility easement), but the parking is in the big lot where the state park store and restrooms are. Park there and walk over. There is no parking allowed at the boat ramp unless you are using the lake with a boat trailer.



Huntsville Chamber of Commerce

Camping Reservations at Huntsville State Park



Kid's Races:
This is loads of fun! All races of the series will have a kid's race. Kid's races are free, usually last just a few minutes, and include a run and possible mystery event with plenty of cheering from the racers. Parents are allowed to race with the younger kids.



Huntsville State Park Info

See our FAQ link at the top of this event page for other FAQs




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