Gator Bait Adventure Race 2017



TX State Championship Sprint Adventure Race Rules:

1. You will receive a tyvek running number and a hardstock mountain bike number. Wear your #’s on the front of your shirt, shorts or on an elastic band/belt. Your mountain bike number should be twist tied on the front of your handlebars. You will also be issued an ankle bracelet that is coded to your number. It must be worn at all times on the ankle and contains the RFID timing chip in it. If you do not cross the finish line with your ankle bracelet, you will not receive a time and be DQ'd.

2. Teams: You must stay within 20 Seconds of your partner at all times, unless it's unsafe to do so (you should be together) and must be together at special tests (unless directed otherwise) and at the Finish Line! The computer will only accept the time of the slower partner as the finish time of the team. If you do not cross the line within seconds of each other, the time will be thrown out.

3. Obey all traffic, government and property owner laws. Most of our venues are not closed courses, so be courteous to other users weather they are racing you or not. State parks or Corp of Engineer land may contain hikers or other bikers.

4. Must use our PFD’s, Paddles and Boats (unless directed otherwise). Clydesdale division may bring their own PFDs, or they may wear out larger blue jackets.

5. Must wear your CPSC certified helmet at all times on the bike.You must ride only a mountain bike or a mountain biased hybrid bike.

6. Do not cut the course, use foul language, be rude to our volunteers or display any other poor sportsmanship at a Terra Firma event.

7. You may receive no outside support during the race (except from other teams).

8. Water: Take plenty with you on course to stay hydrated & refill in transition area. You are self sufficient in adventure racing so we don’t put WATER STATIONS ON COURSE.

9. If your team is not going to finish for whatever reason please let our scoring & timing people know so we will not send out a search party after you.

10. Trash: leave no trace -- Please don’t drop wrappers, bottles etc on course either.

11. The race directors may change or modify the course at any time.

13. Follow any other specific race rules given at the Pre Race Meeting

PENALTIES: 10 minutes – 1st offense, DQ Second Offense; except you may be DQ’d at the race director’s discretion for poor sportsmanship on your 1st offense.





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