Lookout Mountain Triathlon



What is the last date that I can change my estimated swim time?  Up until Wednesday June 26th at 4:00pm.  Send an email to info@digdeepsports.com with your time request.

How early should I show up?  It is recommended that you arrive at least two hours before your scheduled heat (heat 1 excluded).  Heats are estimated times, and as the last swimmer finishes a heat the next wave will begin.

What if I miss my heat?  If you miss your heat, bad triathlete (floggings after the race), you need to check in with the swim crew and get into the next heat.

What is allowed and not allowed during the swim portion of the event?  You can do any stroke, including freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, sidestroke, doggy paddle, etc. You can stop to rest at the end of each length, as long as you stay out of the way of other swimmers.  You can NOT use any fins, swim gloves, flotation devices; and you must wear the swim cap assigned to you.

How hard is the bike course?  Per mile it is a bit tough.  There is a short and steep climb up Paradise Road about 4 miles into the ride.  The final climb back into Mount Vernon Country Club is a bit tedious.

Can I pre-run the run course?  No, the run course is entirely private roads within the club grounds. Pre-running the run course could jeapordize the future of this event.

What are the most commonly penalized rule violations?  Riding your bike out of and/or into the transition area. Not strapping on your helmet before mounting bicycle. Listening to any listening devices during the event.

What if I have friends or family that would like to partake in the delicious Mt. Vernon C.C. brunch?  Friends and family can purchase tickets to the Sunday Brunch for $20.00 at packet pick up or at the registration table on race day.

Can I give or sell my entry to somebody else if I can't race?  You can ask for a transfer up until the 22nd of June, just contact us via email and we'll set it up for you to transfer your entry.  The cost is $10. If you have a verifiable medical condition you can roll your entry over to another year.

What is the refund policy?  You can receive a 50% up until June 8th.

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